Ghostbusters Trailer: Release July 15, 2016

Yep, their back but with a twist but before I give you my reaction to it. I will let you watch it for yourself… so don’t read ahead if you don’t want spoilers before watching…

My reaction…now first off, I have nothing against the new team or actresses in general, women have played some of the greatest roles in movie history and have rightly received their credit for such roles, however I am sorry to break it to them but I grew up watching the original boys in blue…The original came out the year I was born and no one will ever replace the first cast.gallery_movies-ghostbusters-1984-cast

Another problem I have with the new movie is something they didn’t take from the original, the first movie was an equal balance of seriousness mixed with comedy because some of their ghosts were frightening especially for a six year old because the librarian certainly springs to mind as she was fucking terrifying when I first watched it.

The new Ghostbusters, it pretty much all comedy, to the point where I felt I was watching a trailer for a Scooby-Doo film with my Nephew, you know, all slap-stick and banana peels. Even the ghosts look like they were made on a low budget while on loan from chasing Velma and the gang through a multi-door corridor.

It seems like they’ve taken the franchise that is beloved just to do a cheap knock-off spoof version and that is just not cool…But good luck to them…


although I found the Stay Puft’s Marshmallow Man’s review and thought I would share