November 6th 2015 – The Countdown Is On…

He’s back…and I cannot wait as the next installment of the Bond franchise is set to be released this November as “Spectre” looks to be one of the darkest Bond films yet with a sneaky tease in their trailer of the infamous “Mr White”.


Now as much as I loved “Skyfall” I was beyond livid that Judy Dench who played “M” was killed off, she was my favourite out of all who played the role.

Much like the original “Q”, played by Desmond Llewelyn, no one can replace him nor Dame Judy Dench, doesn’t mean they won’t give it a damn good go but they are going to have to pull out all the stops to replace my favourite “Q” & “M”.imagescv

Hell they haven’t done the job with the cast of Bond himself as while many have come close to being fan favourite, no one has yet to lift the crown of greatest from my pick of Sean Connery, one of my favourite and greatest actors in history.


So below is the trailer of the new film “Spectre”, check it out because despite my favourite actors having moved on from the franchise the current crew certainly is doing more than a brilliant job…