Rogue One Viewer Sleeps Till Lights Out

When Christmas comes calling and one still has to work, a perk of the job could mean leaving early come the big day, one report I found proves that even if you are allowed to leave early one should always do one’s job.

This is essential for people in the report I found, when I was working for a big brand store, come Christmas we still have to do our patrols to make sure that we have no members of the public left in the building so my question is why didn’t the motherfuckers do their job in the following report.

Start of report

Rogue One Sleeper

Man falls asleep during ‘Rogue One,’ awakens to empty theatre in the middle of the night

“Rogue One” is a standalone Star Wars film, and one Oregon man found himself sitting alone in an empty theatre after he fell asleep during the movie.

According to Washington County Sheriff’s deputies, the man awoke around 1 a.m. Christmas Eve to an empty theatre. Confused, he attempted to leave the building but triggered a motion sensor alarm in the lobby. He then called 911 to get help, because unfortunately, his Jedi mind tricks weren’t working.

“Help me, Washington County Sheriff’s deputies, you’re my only hope!” he (probably) said.

He was rescued shortly after via an emergency exit. Deputies say the incident likely wasn’t crime-related and theatre staff had just forgotten to check for customers at closing time.

End of report

Now I know at Christmas time everybody is excited to have the time off to spend with family and loved ones but that still doesn’t mean you don’t the job the fact is that as soon as the film had finished the lights of any theatre should have come on and the staff do a final sweep of the building.

The fact that these staff didn’t do their job properly and left this poor son of a bitch stuck on Christmas Eve in the dark leaves much to be desired, the fact that family and friends could be worrying about this guy mattered not, the staff at this theatre couldn’t give a shit all they were concerned about was going home.

One can only hope that the poor guy got compensated for such sloppy work in the theatre, you see the fact is if you are in any building especially if you are paying to be there leaves you under the care of the staff that is tending to the event you are in.

The fact that they did such a piss poor attempt to uphold and fulfil their roles and responsibilities that they are paid to perform lead a bad reputation to the staff themselves, their employer and their place of employment.

Fucking disgusting, so what if this guy found the movie so boring he couldn’t keep his eyes open still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your job