Is this really what the world has been reduced to, that movies have lost the “original” factors to be replaced by racist bigots complaining on whether the lead star is black or white, Asian or British, whatever happened to the good old days?

Where you went to see a movie for the entertainment factor or maybe that a fan favourite would be staring in it, why is now that someone can’t or shouldn’t play a role simply from the colour of their skin.

Take Matt Damon, the man is an outstanding American actor, film producer, and screenwriter. He is ranked among Forbes magazine’s most bankable stars and is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time.

He has been in some of the greatest and personal favourite films of mine from The Martian, The Brothers Grim and Ocean Twelve to Good Will Hunting, The Departed and the Jason Bourne Series.

He has starred alongside some of the greatest actors and actresses ever to grace the screen and yet people are attacking his role in his latest performance in The Great Wall where bigots are playing the “White Warrior” card as he saves the Chinese.

The movie is set in medieval China, Matt Damon plays a European soldier caught up in a battle between the Chinese army and monsters, yet the film is already a success in China, but after its Hollywood premiere #thankyouMattDamon started to trend.

Comedian Jenny Yang was the first to ironically “thank” Damon, Yang was pointing out that the film’s whole premise – China needing a white man to come and save it from monsters – is problematic.

Just because this movie had a Chinese director, crew and cast yet is mostly English-language and was designed to appeal to both Chinese and international audiences and although the filmmakers say they sidestepped whitewashing by deliberately casting Damon as a European character, not everyone was convinced that this avoided its race problem, a problem that shouldn’t even fucking exist.

As in a disrespectful attack, every racist has come out to #Thank him for everything, from decorating a house to  Jenny Yang thanking him for teaching her how to use chopsticks, Despite the criticism abroad, the movie has been hugely popular since it was released in China in December and has made more than $225m internationally.

I mean if you went to watch the film and didn’t like it, you never have to watch it again but that doesn’t mean you should open your mouth and spew a bunch of shit because of a person’s colour…so for that reason I am adding my own.

#ThankYouMattDamon4TheRightReasons – for being an outstanding American actor, film producer, and screenwriter, for your many years’ service to the business, for every emotionally charged moment given in your performance, long may you continue.