Tomb Raider 2018 Trailer

One of the greatest game franchises is getting its next movie instalment, Tomb Raider is out next year and is based off the 2013 game release of the same name, The film tells about the first expedition of Lara Croft, in which she goes to complete her father’s research and uncover ancient secrets capable of clearing her name.

The 2013 game of Tomb Raider is actually my favourite of the series, despite the few faults that I found with the game, it even surpassing my fondest memories I have of the originals in the franchise so my hopes for this movie are high and I really don’t want to be disappointed.

The movie is set to be out around March 16 next year and will star Alicia Vikander as the leading lady herself, Lara Croft, she will be joined by Maisy De Freitas as a Young Lara, with Walton Goggins as Father Mathias Vogel.

Also staring is Daniel Wu as Lu Ren, the ship captain who helps Lara in searching for her father, Dominic West as Lord Richard Croft, Lara’s deceased archaeologist father, Hannah John-Kamen as Sophie, Croft’s flatmate and best friend and Antonio Aakeel as Nitin, a friend to Lara, just to name a few.